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Tunisia is once again being seen by international tourists and tourists are expecting a return to Tunisia as the North African country has firmly re-established itself on the British holiday map.

Attracted by the metropolis of Tunis, Dar Zaghouan is only an hour away and thus a great first stop on the first day in Tunisia. To avoid getting lost in the Medina on your first day, we recommend that you book at least a few nights in Tunis in advance.

Irish citizens wishing to travel to Tunisia should contact their local travel agent before planning their trip and search the dedicated COVID 19 website published by the Tunisian authorities. Find out about the best sights in Tunisia, recommended Tunisia itineraries, how to get to the airport and what to do in Tunis. We recommend a 7-day tour of Tunisia and recommend it to anyone interested in a long-term stay in the city of Dar Zaghouan, the capital of Tunisia.

The best hotels in Dar Zaghouan: Sidi Bou says: "I am a big fan of the city and its culture, history and culture.

Tunisia can travel through Algeria, but the entry point into Tabarka can be used just like the other border crossings that foreigners can use. Border with Tunisia: "You can travel from Algeria to Tunisia via Algeria and use the" entry point "in Tabarksa, or use one of the other border crossings for foreigners. Tunisia can travel across the Algerian border: You can travel from Tunisia to Algeria via Algeria; you can use any other "border" for foreigners who can use any "other" at the borders.

I have not been able to find a proper guide to Tunisia in English, but if you are planning to travel independently to Tunisia, read this useful article on 13 Days in Tunisia. Since Tunisians expect you to speak to them in French instead of Arabic, here are a few basic Arabic phrases that will make your stay in Tunis more pleasant. There is an American expat woman living in the city of Tunis, whom I had the pleasure of meeting during my trip to Tunis, and you can see for yourself what an experience you will have in your first days in Egypt, Tunisia or even Egypt without having to read the language.

Dougga is one of the most interesting places in Tunisia, and the main resort is located on the east coast, but it also houses some of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia.

Some of Tunisia's best beaches are in the city of Tozeur, Sidi Bouzid, the capital of Tunisia and the most popular tourist destination. The best place to experience the architecture of Tozaur is the old town, where there is a medina, a small maze of brick houses. It is the ancient sites and landmarks that really stand out, such as the old town of Toulouse or the palace of St. Louis in Tunis.

In Tunis there are more trams, with the A-4 going to Bizerte, the 1 to Sfax and the 3 from Tunis going west to Oued Zarga.

Downtown Tunis is connected to the city centre by public transport and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Africa and the Middle East. Tunis - Carthage International Airport is located in the centre of Tunis, just a few minutes drive from the central business district.

If you are looking for a place in the centre of Tunis, focus on the medina, which includes the Tourbet el Bey region from Kasba to Bab el Bhar. During your stay in Tunis, you will stay at the Dar Ya hostel, located in a Dar in the centre of the city, the Tunisian equivalent of a Moroccan riad.

The ancient ports of the empire are also well preserved and you can still visit the ruins of Carthage, a suburb of Tunis. You can also be curious about the Bardo Tunis, which is located in the heart of the old town and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a fascinating labyrinth that sheds light on the history, religion and art of Tunisia, and it is your second day in Tunisia. Roman mosaics depicting the life and times of the ancient Tunisians from the Middle Ages to the present day are embedded in the Bardo of Tunis and there are a series of fascinating labyrinths that illuminate the history, religions, art and Tunisia in all its glory.

One of the things that makes a trip to Tunisia a great travel experience is the fact that wherever you go you always meet curious and kind-hearted locals. Tunisia has a lot to offer and it would be a shame to spend your holidays in Tunisia in one place, but it has been said that Tunisia, and Tunis in particular, is a little traveled place and is not visited by all wandering backpackers. This means that it has not really experienced the arrival of independent travellers, so that there are certain areas of Tunisia that are considered unsafe, although a large part of Tunis is now safe to visit. Traveling to these areas is not recommended, and when you visit them, you should be aware that they are only visited by locals and not by tourists, tourists or even other travelers.

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