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TUNIS - Tunisia's Bardo National Museum is reopening to the public for the first time since a militant attack that killed 20 foreigners as the country tries to restore confidence in its tourism sector. Attackers opened fire on a large museum in the capital Tunis, shooting dead 17 tourists while dozens more fled to safety. A picture from the Tunisia 1 television channel shows people fleeing the museum after the attack.

Rescuers evacuate victims from the Bardo National Museum in Tunis after a terrorist attack on Thursday. The palace on the site has been inhabited since the 13th century and the walls are punctured by bullets, but the building is one of the country's main tourist attractions and houses the second largest museum in the world.

The National Museum of Carthage is the main museum of its archaeological site, but it also houses some of the richest pieces discovered from Libyan Punic sites, including mainly Carthage. The Bardo has a large collection of items discovered in LibYco and Punics, mainly Carthage, while the Carthage National Museum also has an important collection. It contains the largest collection in the world with more than 100,000 objects from ancient and modern times. The Tunisian Museum in Tunis is the second largest museum in Tunisia, but also has the most rich finds from Liby co - sites along with Punica, as well as the most important pieces from ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean. Although the National Carthaginian Museum also has important collections, it also has the largest collection of rich pieces discovered in Libya, mainly in Lib Yacouba and Carthage.

Many of these artifacts have been transferred to the National Museum of Carthage, which, together with others, is working to show the rich Punic history of the city.

This museum is an excellent place to spend a fun day in Tunisia. The Bardo National Museum is another must-visit place while in Tunisia, as it is one of the country's most important museums. Also in the Bardo, the National Museum, is the palace of Bey Tunis, which has been awarded the UNESCO title of Islamic Heritage.

These exceptionally well-preserved mosaics, collected at Roman and Byzantine sites in Tunisia, occupy more than half the museum's exhibition space and comprise the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world. It contains over 1,000 pieces of mosaic as well as a large number of other artefacts from antiquity.

Most of the mosaics and artifacts were brought to Tunis from the legendary city of Carthage, where Tunis is today, at the end of the 19th century. This beautiful mosaic was not borrowed from the heart of the Roman Empire in Italy, but from excavations in Tunisia and other sites in North Africa. One of Tunisia's most popular tourist attractions for guided tours will be the historic El-Attarine souk, dating back to the 13th century and home to one of Tunis most important archaeological sites, the ancient tomb of Saint Francis of Assisi.

To make the most of your guided tour of the Bardo National Museum, hop on an air-conditioned tour vehicle and climb one of Tunisia's most important archaeological sites in the city of Tunis. After picking up at 8 am from your hotel in Tunis, take a bus to Tunis Medina, which is just a 15 minute drive away. You will be dropped off at the entrance of a small parking lot for your next stop and then on your way back to Tunisia. The Bardo, or "National Museum," is located in a neighborhood of the same name on the outskirts of our city.

There are all sorts of ancient and important artifacts to see and it is truly one of Tunisia's hidden gems. This is a wonderful place to learn more about this fascinating country and its history. There are so many different exhibits that you will definitely want to look around and they will teach you more about Tunisia "is a great guide to all the wonderful places you can visit in Tunisia, from the National Museum of Bardo to Tunis Medina to the city of Tunis.

If you only have time to visit one during your stay in Tunisia, you should visit the National Museum of the Bardo Museum in Tunis, which is one of the most popular museums in the country and which you should definitely visit if you want to visit it. The other offers a wide selection of art, history, architecture, art history and even a bit of history.

The Bardo is considered one of the most important monuments of the country and one of the most important tourist attractions. The museum shows thousands of years of Tunisian history in various archaeological exhibitions. It is the second largest museum in Tunisia after the National Museum of Tunis and the third largest in Europe.

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