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This luxurious boutique hotel and spa combines its restored architecture with an elegant modern style. With 285 rooms, it is one that is suitable for travelers who want a wealth of facilities but low cost of living.

For leisure guests, the old town of Medina in Tunis is one of the main attractions nearby, home to some of the best restaurants, bars, hotels, restaurants and shops in the world. The sprawling Sheraton Tunis Hotel overlooks the city from its 5,000 square meter roof terrace. The hotel also offers a wide range of amenities, including a spa, fitness centre and outdoor swimming pool.

The hotel has a restaurant with sea views, serving food inspired by the local environment and overlooking the city and the Mediterranean Sea. At lunchtime you can choose from a wide range of restaurants on the hotel's 5,000 square metre roof terrace. The restaurants offer Italian cuisine, where you can come to town for lunch, dinner or even for an evening with friends or family.

The courtyard leads to a quiet garden with lemon trees and a hammam spa decorated with marble. Palm-lined walkways lead to a collection of restaurants and bars that focus on Mediterranean flavors. Tunisian art and crafts beautifully decorate the rooms, and the kitchens offer fresh homemade local dishes. Visit the gardens, the sea pool and the rooms with views, or retire to the extensive Thalasso Spa, the first on the continent and a partner of ESPA.

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To be eligible for this offer, you must have booked your stay in one of the participating hotels in the last 12 months and your student status has been confirmed. This offer is only valid for new bookings and not for groups and cannot be used for existing bookings. The reference 013155 indicates the customer service services associated with the offer and states that the scholarship would enable you to attend the conference.

Mark Crowley is a member of the board of directors of Wyndham Hotel and director of tourism and tourism development. He is Director of Tourism, Tourism and Tourism Development at the hotel and also a lecturer at the School of Business.

The venue can be reached on 020 7021 1600 1600 or by calling 9183419680. The Video Revolution Stereos, listed in the StereOS category, is located at 7030, the address is the same as the Wyndham Hotel, at the corner of St. George's Street and the street leading to the hotel.

Tulsa is located in Tulsa and can be reached by calling 918-495-0586, 917-921-5555 or on the Tulsa Police Department website.

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The hotel's restaurants and bars, as well as the lobby and lobby bar, offer a variety of dishes and refreshing drinks. From the rooftop bar and restaurant, visitors can also enjoy views of the surrounding city of Tulsa and the city of Tunkhannock.

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