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Radisson Hotel Group is pleased to announce the opening of the first Radisson branded hotel in Tunisia, the Marriott Hotel in Tunis. The hotel will also be the first hotel in the world for Tunisian rugby league, currently under development to educate a new generation of athletes and inspire future champions. It will be one of only two Radissons hotels in the Middle East and North Africa and the only hotel of its kind in Africa.

Visitors can also enjoy the luxury of staying in a luxury seaside resort, with a rooftop terrace overlooking the surrounding city of Tunis and the city's beautiful beaches. For those who prefer a more traditional boutique hotel, there is the opportunity to explore the world - first-class facilities at the Marriott Hotel in Tunis - the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa - or to see for yourself at one of Tunisia's most popular tourist attractions, such as the Grand Hotel Tunis.

Mariott is preparing a trip to Tunisia, which will take him to Tunis, where he will stay at the Marriott Hotel Le Mariott Tunis. Dan's the one De l'amour du Marriott Hotel Tunis and Le hotel du Grand Hotel Tunisia, paid by 131% travers en mondiale, dan 131,00.

Marriott has properties in 21 countries in Africa, and a growth plan calls for 15 additional hotels, including 15 in Tunisia by the end of 2016.

For holidaymakers, the old town of Tunis Medina is one of the main attractions nearby, housing the ruins of the ancient city of Tunis, the largest city in the Middle East. Just 5 km from the hotel, visitors can discover the country's rich history in these ruins. The hotel also offers access to the city's most popular tourist attractions, such as the Museum of Antiquities of Tunis and the Grand Mosque. Protea Hotel Marriott Nairobi is located near Kenya's capital, Kenya, just a few kilometers from Kenyatta International Airport.

At lunchtime you can choose from one of the four restaurants of the hotel, which are furnished in a spacious, modern and modern ambience with a wide range of dishes. The restaurants offer Italian cuisine where you can come for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dinner, as well as a full service bar.

With 285 rooms, there is one for every traveller who wants a wealth of facilities, but with 285 rooms, it is the most luxurious hotel in Tunisia and one of the best in the world. Visit the gardens, the sea pool and the rooms with views, or retire to the extensive Thalasso Spa, a first on the continent, partner of ESPA.

Marriott's power has taken it to several new markets, including Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East and North Africa. This growth momentum has led the company to announce five new hotel establishments on the continent this year, to strengthen its presence in the most important markets in Africa and to mark its entry into Mozambique. In the future, the company will expand in the region with a number of new brands, including Marriott International, Marriott Hotels & Resorts and Marriott Residence Inn.

JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts will make their debut in Tunis, a short boat ride from the breathtaking city of Venice. The spacious Sheraton Tunis Hotel overlooks the city from its rooftop terrace. Staying at the Movenpick Hotel means staying in a three-star hotel in the heart of one of Tunisia's most popular tourist destinations.

The hotel's mission is to work with local artisans and small businesses in the medina and to have a positive impact on the community while preserving Tunisia's cultural heritage. Sid Bou said the boutique hotel was located just outside the city of Tunis because the base was nearby. Residence Tunis - also located on the Gulf of Tunisia - benefits from the glittering Mediterranean coast and views from the rooftop terrace.

Tunisia can take care of its own security, but it can do a lot for our own Libya, so we spend our time here and we cannot.

The JW Marriott is part of Marriott International's luxury portfolio and includes more than 1,000 hotels and resorts in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The World - first class service and exciting facilities make it one of the most popular hotels in the world. Many of our staff are the face of friott International, while others work behind the scenes to make every guest's stay exceptional and memorable. As participating employers, they work closely with our partners "employers, partners, employees and guests to make our hotels world class in all aspects of their lives and guest lives. Some of them are also the "face" of the hotel staff, while others work "behind the scenes" to make every guest's stay exceptional, unforgettable, etc.

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